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I have to say that before consulting Tom Patterson’s article on how National Park Service creates bird’s-eye views I was overwhelmed by the thought that I need to develop a map without knowing all the spatial details of a certain landscape. Now I understand that it is not only possible to create a map without mentioning all the details, but it is recommended not to overcrowd the map. So, it all depends on the imagination of the mapmaker.

When I refer to the imagination of the mapmaker, I don’t want to say that the mapmaker should invent any spatial elements or ignore major landmarks. The task of the mapmaker is to create a map which will fit his or her goals. In this sense, a map could emphasize or centralize a focal object. Thus, this central object will be represented in more details or it will be bigger. A cartographer is even allowed to move some trees or to summarize a vegetable landscape in order to show any hidden parts of a building.

You can get more advice from Tom Patterson in his recent article on “real-world mapmaking advice for students” published in Cartographic Perspectives.


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