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design revisited

I’ve revised my design assignment. Initially, I wanted to make just a few minor changes to my header, but after some experimentation with Gradient tool and Layer Mask, I decided to increase the importance of the text and to let the background image play its role as a background. So, I increased the size of the text and filled it with red color.

In the case of the background image I used the gradient tool. It provided a smoother transition from text to image. Also, using Adjustment Layers with  “Curves”, “Hue and Saturation” and “Color Balance” helped me to adjust the transition from black and white to reddish nuances inside the image.

On the level of the whole page, I moved #mainContent and #sidebar1 closer to the header. At the same time, I changed the color of the border bottom from purple to black. Looking forward to your criticism and to the final projects.

Here is my initial design page:

Below is the revised version of the design page:


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I just posted my design assignment. I think that this will also be the basic layout of my final project.

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